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The Competition

The Miss Nigeria competition has a 57-year old history of setting the pace and has continued to develop in line with the ever-evolving roles of women in society. Today, we are committed to finding a young lady who defies the stereotypical perception of beauty queens as just superficial, focusing less on their outward appearance and more on the content of their character, their passion and goals.

This year's competition begins with completion of the Call to Entry form; after which 100 ladies will be selected from across the country to appear in Lagos for a physical audition. The selection panel will be made up of A-list celebrities focused on ensuring the best 37 ladies are selected. The 37 ladies who make it through this round will be further cut down to 18 using various standards including a social media voting process. Finally, 18 semi-finalists will emerge and will be invited to enter the Miss Nigeria bootcamp for a 3-week duration leading up to the Grand Finale.


From Call to entry through the Grand Finale, candidates will be given multiple opportunities to advocate for the causes they are most passionate about, share their business ideas and demonstrate how they are uniquely qualified for the role of the Miss Nigeria.


Additionally, contestants will be nurtured and empowered with carefully curated skills which are guaranteed to set them up for success both during and after the pageant. At the end, they will create lifelong friendships and join a powerful and truly inspiring community of women positions as industry leaders across various sectors including governance, entertainment, business and education.

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